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BoostMyShop.com is powered by Maison Du Logiciel. We are specialized in open source solutions for ecommerce websites. Our experience is focused on creating solutions for web stores we manage has resulted in many of our innovation.

In 2008, we adapted our solutions to the Magento platform in order to fulfill the requirements of e-commerce professionals we were working with. Stock management, purchasing, supply management, quotations and private sales are just some of the business domains covered by our tools. Our tools are embedded in Magento, which alleviates synchronization issues commonly associated with third party systems, which in turn improves general management of ERP systems for ecommerce stores.

In 2009, Maison du Logiciel was founded to focus on the creation and marketing of Magento extensions and modules.

Maison du Logiciel's success is also due to its ability to provide complete service for audits, analysis, training and specific customizations.

Our extensions are constantly being updated and improved thanks to expansive customer feedback and new emerging ecommerce technologies. In the near future, our products will be available for additional ecommerce platforms, such as Prestashop.

We are at your disposal for any questions you might have:

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